How do I submit a claim online?

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You can submit a claim online by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Member Hub.
  2. Click on Insurance in the Menu.

  1. You'll then access the Online Insurance Portal. Click Start in the Submit my Claim Online card.

  1. You'll then be directed to Claims Online where you can start to submit your claim.

How to start a Motor claim versus a Home claim?

  1. Once you are on Claims Online, enter the incident date and time of the incident.
  2. You will now see two buttons displayed on the page asking you to choose to either start a Motor or Home claim.

  1. Select Car Insurance if you want to start a Motor Claim. You will then be able to choose: your vehicle, the type of incident it was involved in and tell us if the vehicle is safe to drive after the incident before you start your Motor claim.

  1. If you select Home Insurance, you will be able to choose: the property where the incident happened, the type of incident that happened, the extent of damage to your property/contents before you start your Home claim.

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