How do I use the vehicle diagram on online claims?

When submitting an online motor claim you will be asked What type of damage was done to your vehicle?. If parts of your vehicle were damaged select Some parts of the vehicle were damaged. You will then we shown a diagram where you can indicate which parts of the vehicle were damaged.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the diagram:

  1. Rotating the diagram

Click on to rotate right to rotate left.

  1. Using the tabs

The tabs allow you to select the damaged area of your vehicle. The diagram will then rotate to show the area selected.

  1. Using the hot-spots

Clicking on the green hot-spots will select a damaged area. The hot-spot will then turn bright green and you'll see a number of check-boxes which allow you to select the exact location.

  1. Selecting the exact location

After selecting a damaged area, click on the location relevant to the damage. You will then have the option to select the extent of the damage(s) done.

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