How do I update my payment details?

If you pay for your policy in instalments and want to update the credit card/debit card or bank account used to pay for the policy, you can now easily update this payment information via your RACT Insurance online account.

  1. Sign in to your Member Hub.
  2. Click on Insurance in the Menu.

  1. In your RACT Insurance online account, click Change in the Change My Payment Method card.

  1. You'll be now directed to the Payment page.
  2. Once on the Payment page, click on the Edit button to change your payment details.
  3. Select Bank Account Details if you want to change your payment method to Bank Account. You'll then have to fill in the short web form with your Account Name, BSB and Account Number. Before applying the changes, you will have to accept the Direct Debit Services Agreement.
  1. If you select Credit Card, your payment method will be changed to Credit Card. You'll have to fill in the short web form with your credit card details which include: Card Type, Credit Card Number, Expiry Month and Expiry Year. Click on Apply Changes once your credit card details are entered.
    Note: You can also select if you want us to email you an updated Instalment Schedule.

If you policy is on invoice or you are unable to edit your payment details via your RACT Insurance online account please call us on 13 27 22 to update your payment details.

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