Is signing up with my Social Media account secure?

Updated by RACT Admin

The use of social media accounts for signing up to the Member Hub only constitutes part of our authentication process as we use the social login only to identify some of the user’s details. We use a number of other factors, including member data on-hand, to determine the identity and legitimacy of the user, not just their social credentials.

Our use of the Facebook and Google authentication systems follows best practice and in no way compromises our login process or the security of our member’s data. No member data is shared from RACT to Facebook or Google.

For those that are hesitant to use social media to access their member data, we offer a traditional email and password option for logging into the Member Hub which is implemented wholly within our platform with no Social Media integrations.

We take the security of our member’s data very seriously, if you have further questions in relation to this please contact us on 13 27 22.

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